Things to Know About Best Vietnamese Noodles

For the purpose of cooking, people use noodles in great quantity. If the main dish doesn’t contain rice then it will consist of noodles. People are very fond of noodles and they can have it whenever it is served to them, whether it is served in the breakfast or in dinner. There is a wide array of dishes that are made up of noodles and among them, Vietnamese noodles are quite famous. In order to get authentic flavors, one should definitely try the best Vietnamese noodle. The most common type of food stall in Vietnam is the “rice and noodle” shop, as these two ingredients form the basis of every dish.


In Vietnam, there are varieties of noodles, and some of them are made from rice even. In Vietnam, the regular noodles fall into three main types: bun, which is long and thin, similar to Italian vermicelli, the fine Banh hoi which resemble angel hair pasta and are primarily used in thin broths and Banh Pho, also called rice sticks, but they are flatter, thicker and sturdier. Also, it is very important to get in touch with the best Vietnamese restaurant in order to get the real taste of the food.

Different types of noodles:


These flat, thin dried rice noodles resemble linguine and are available in several widths. Also made from rice flour, salt and water, they are used in salads and stir-fries, after being softened in water.


These rice noodles are actually thicker than the dried ones. They are also known as Banh pho tuoi. With vegetable and curry dishes they are often served as side dishes also. Like the dried variety, they require minimal cooking.


Dried noodles can be bought in various packaged forms. They are often served with thin broths and light vegetables and the best thing in this respect is that thinner varieties require less time for the purpose of cooking but on the other hand the thicker noodles take much time to cook and are well balanced with heavier ingredients and stronger flavors.

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