The Best Reasons That Are Making All Transfer Their Allegiance To Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine is a high-quality unique mixture of Chinese and many other similar or different types of types food cuisine that also includes the french styles. It cannot be ignored that Chinese cuisine exerts a lot of influence in Vietnamese cooking because of the historical influence that china has in Vietnam. Vietnamese cuisine is influenced by the history of the region as well as the location and the geography.

Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnam was once a colony of china hence it is not surprising that they have adopted many traditions from china like eating with chopsticks and the use of the wok in their food. The Vietnamese fish sauce which is often used in many dishes called nuoc mam replaces the soy sauce used in china that is used in abundance in the northern region.

The rich and diversified taste of the Vietnamese food is famous for its features that are a combination of the five fundamental tastes similar to five natural elements that man is made of. They are spices, organs, colors, senses and nutrients integrating the need of five essential naturals like wood, fire, earth, metal and water that creates the perfect symmetry in the human body enabling it to fight from inside as well as out.

Fresh vegetables from the foundation of the majority of the dishes in Vietnamese cooking and the nutritional qualities of the dishes food come with the aspect that the food served is mostly raw. Even the vegetables that are cooked are usually blanched or steamed rather than fried in order to retain their natural color, flavor, consistency and nutrients that are good for the human body.

The Vietnamese cuisine is prepared using basic and nutritious elements and often seasoned with various fresh herbs and condiments to improve the distinctive flavor in the dish. The additional flavors added incorporate soy sauce, lemongrass, mint, coriander, ginger, basil and coconut among many other ingredients in the list adding mouth-watering delicacies along with healthy food options for the health conscious people all around.

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